Trading Woodies CCI System Copyright © 2004 Jeff Gannon 

 by Jeff 

( This document has been approved by Woodie )



This document is for educational information and exchange of trading ideas only. Nothing mentioned in this document or your interpretation of the information or charts is to be taken as trading advice. Trades taken based on this educational information are strictly at your own risk. You should consult your broker or financial advisor before placing any trade.


Additionally, it is important for you to know that brokers and financial advisors still make their money from giving advice even though they can and have lost money everyday for millions of people.



This document revision R-0.7 is a work in progress. Rather than possibly missing a post in the room, please let me know via email listed at the end of the document if you see any mistakes or can suggest something that may improve its clarity. Please include the document version number, page and sentences that you are referring to if relevant. Your continued feedback will help make this a much more useful document for everyone.

The purpose of this document is to help people learn Woodies CCI system in its entirety, just as Woodie himself still trades it, without any confusion. This way they can spend time practicing and getting in quality screen time instead of trying to understand what the guidelines actually are. However, it only explains the guidelines. You will absolutely need many months of screen time to master this system. You will not be a successful trader unless you follow your rules and put in long hours of screen time and practice.

This document can also help long time traders of Woodies CCI system to get back to basics. If you are not doing as good as you want then remove everything off of your charts right now, start fresh and follow the guidelines.

Successful trading is much less than 20% trading system and more than 80% mental control. Your brain is worthless when trading. It tries to tell you how to trade. Do not listen to it. Shut it down. It sends out 200 emotional messages for every 1 logical useful thought. At that rate your account could be gone in weeks. You cannot use emotions in trading. A trading system is based on a set of pure rules. In hopes of helping new traders with this severe problem this document tries to overpower that mighty 80% mental control that is usually useless and force it to follow logical guidelines. Do not fight it. Get rid of the emotions. Do not think. Do not feel. Just follow the rules. All you need to do is react to the signals. Period.

This document demands that you follow your rules while trading. This is the only way you will become a successful trader. Woodies CCI is a very simple system. The rules are very simple. Don’t let your lack of mental control ruin your trading. Keep focused on the system and you will do well. The guidelines tell you everything you need to know. Just follow them directly and precisely.

If you don’t follow strict rules in all aspects of your trading you will not make money trading. I guarantee that. There is only one type of person that can make a fantastic living trading an account without rules. This person is called ‘your broker’, the living he makes is called ‘your fees’ and the account he uses and loses is called ‘yours’. Follow your rules precisely or walk away from trading.

For semi-new to experienced traders it is strongly suggested that when you see an obviously very new person asking about the CCI that you do them a favor and don’t tell them anything about your methods. Instead explain to them that it would be best for them being new to follow Woodies CCI, only Woodies CCI and no one else’s but Woodies CCI system. Help them, do not hinder them by giving them information that they think is Woodies CCI system. They are new. They do not understand that many people have many variations on Woodies CCI. Please help them learn Woodies CCI first before they get confused. Send them to this document to help get them started. It will help them understand Woodies CCI system easier, have a better chance at being successful trading and will allow Woodies CCI Club room to stay much more focused on the trading at hand during market hours. It will benefit us all.

This document is very strict. It does not beat around the bush. It does not suggest or hint at what to do. It tells you exactly what to do. So follow it. Woodies CCI is very simple. This document has many added explanations and constantly repeats important information in hopes of providing you the knowledge and courage to follow Woodies CCI only. Do not mix trading methods. As soon as you become profitable at paper trading with this document then you can decide how you want to trade. Until then just follow the guidelines.

When I first came to learn Woodies CCI system I quickly became very confused. After reading so many documents and watching so many people I couldn’t figure out what Woodies guidelines were apart from the many other great traders here. I then become very frustrated. All I wanted to do was trade Woodies CCI the way he trades it since he is the expert. Instead I spent many longs months trying to learn the guidelines to Woodies CCI system.

This document sets out to define the guidelines of Woodies CCI. Follow them precisely and you will become an excellent trader. All too often new people will not keep a trading system simple and will not follow directions. They think it has to be complicated to be good. This is completely wrong. Follow these guidelines only and you will do very well at trading.

If you are new to the room or still trying to figure out how to trade Woodies CCI then do not read or follow anything else except for Woodie himself and this document. If you ask someone a question be sure to preface it with “What Would Woodie Do…” This will help keep you focused. Keep doing this until you are trading the guidelines consistently and you have become profitable over a long period of time.

This document is broken into the following sections: