The Mindset    

If you want to learn Woodies CCI then follow these guidelines exactly. It is a complete system.

Do not follow any other document or method until you no longer need this document.

Let this document guide your state of mind while you are learning Woodies CCI. This document tells you precisely what to do and what not to do.

You must paper trade Woodies CCI for as long as it takes for you to become consistent in all aspects of trading and have a net outcome with positive gains before using real money.

Do not trade real money until you are consistent with these guidelines and profitable on your paper trades.

Do not assume that the majority of the people in the room trade just as Woodie does. In fact, itís better for you to assume that they do not. When asking for help remember to ask them if the information they are giving is exactly how Woodie would trade it. ďWhat Would Woodie DoÖĒ

 Forget all the talk about your mind working against you and all of your points of failure, etc. If that talk hasnít helped you before itís surely not going to help you now. So forget about it!  Do not focus on what you can and canít do any longer. Just follow the guidelines. This system isnít about you making any trading decisions for yourself. They are already made for you. Woodie CCI Trading system defines everything you need to be successful trader. Just follow the guidelines. 

 Woodies CCI system was designed so that it takes into account all parts of the difficult areas of trading. This includes when to enter a trade, when to exit a trade, trade management, when to take profits, how to protect profits, when to cut losers short and let your winners run, how not to overtrade, how not to use emotions or your own judgment on trade decisions, etc.

 No other trading system in the world does all of this for you automatically. There is nothing else at all to think about or learn when trading with these guidelines. Just follow the guidelines. All of these things mentioned are inherent in Woodies CCI system. You do not need to know anything else. It is complete, consistent and clear. You are going to love Woodies CCI system. It will definitely be a refreshing change for you to see a trading system like this one. I guarantee it!

 No matter what you hear, read or see anywhere do not change or add anything at all to Woodies CCI system. Woodie will make changes as needed. Heís the expert. This system works perfectly just as Woodie has defined it.

Woodie has done many years of research, testing, and live trading on his CCI system. It works very well. Just follow it.

Forget everything else you have learned. Consider it useless for now.

Forget everything else you have read. Consider it useless for now.

Forget everything else you have been told. Consider it useless for now.

Only follow Woodies CCI guidelines. I canít stress this enough but will keep trying throughout the rest of the document to guide your thinking this way.

Do not watch the chat room text during the day. The text only serves to confuse you and will keep you from focusing on your guidelines. There is so much extraneous text scrolling past during trading that it is close to impossible for you to gain any useful information when new.

While you are learning Woodies CCI system and still in need of this document do not listen or follow along with the moderators in the room while you are trading. Also, do not have the chat room or any chat room open while trading. Many do not follow Woodies CCI system directly. Do not assume that they do. Follow your own rules and trade by yourself. Only listen to the headphone or speakers when Woodie is moderating. Woodie does of course always follow his own system even though he is not new at it. What does this tell you?

You are trying to learn Woodies CCI system so you should always follow him. Make sure to turn the speakers on, but donít watch the text chat scroll by, when Woodie is moderating. You need to focus on trading according to these guidelines. There is no need whatsoever to follow other people, their methods or even their trades. It will not help you. It will hurt your trading progress.

Do nothing else at all during your trading hours except watch your charts and enter your orders into a simulation tool that uses live data. No chat rooms. No side rooms. No TV. No phones. No family. No excuses. You must focus on trading the system the entire time. Do not do anything else. Always take breaks during trading by removing yourself from the entire room you are trading in. You cannot focus all day long. Each time you come back to trade for a few more hours you will be relaxed, focused and ready.

Make sure your trade entry tool tells you when and what price you entered and exited each trade. You will want to review these later. After the market is over go review your trades and mark your charts with the entries and exits with reasons why you took the trade. Also go into the room and ask people any questions that you have. This is how you and others learn quickly. Do not however assume that they are telling you how Woodie would trade. Specifically ask them how Woodie would have taken the trade or how he would answer the question. Too many people donít understand that everything shown in the room or typed in text is not necessarily Woodies CCI system. You are only concerned with Woodies CCI system.

Focus on becoming a Woodies CCI system expert. This is your goal. You can do this just as many others have as well. You need to have a single-minded purpose-ness mindset while learning Woodies CCI system. In fact, you need this whenever you want to master anything.

Always get involved in the room after the market closes. There are lots of great traders and they will help you with many subjects. Woodies motto is Traders Helping Traders and this room has many wonderful people in it all willing to help 24 hours a day. Make sure to compare how you are learning to trade and how others trade. It will help reinforce these guidelines and you will learn them faster.

Always practice trading the CCI Simulation charts that are running live in the room after the market closes and during the weekends. These will give you additional screen time and practice that will be invaluable to you as you are learning.

When asking people questions be sure to always ask, ďWhat would Woodie do?Ē and ďIs that the way Woodie does it?Ē Donít worry about other people not trading the way you are learning to trade. Focus on one style until you are an expert at it.

Do not add things to the system for any reason. Just follow these guidelines to Woodies CCI.

Do not think. Do not justify bad decisions. Do not talk negative about yourself to others.

Do follow the rules precisely. Do talk positive about yourself when you follow the rules.

With Woodies CCI system you can expect losses. You should also expect larger gains. Follow the rules and this happens automatically. As you paper trade the system you will see this become true as you begin to master the system.

Be bored. Be very bored. This means you are following the rules and not using emotions to take trades.

How to master Woodies CCI system:


  1. Watch your chart for a Woodie CCI pattern.


  1. Wait. Watch. Keep waiting. Keep watching. Do not watch prices. Do not think.


  1. When you see a Woodie CCI entry signal then react! and enter the trade with a hard stop.


  1. Wait. Watch. Keep waiting. Keep watching. Do not watch prices. Do not think.


  1. When you see a Woodie CCI exit signal then react! and exit the trade.


  1. Go to Step 1.



You should notice that all you need to know now are 3 things:


  1. What does a Woodie CCI pattern look like?


  1. What does a Woodie CCI entry signal look like?


  1. What does a Woodie CCI exit signal look like?


Yes it really is this simple! The reason you are probably thinking that it canít be this easy is because all other systems make it hard, unclear or just flat out donít work and you get frustrated. We understand. We were there. Only you can make this system hard. So choose not to.

 This system is not about you and how you want to trade. It is about you following the rules. The system works perfectly time and time again. Just follow these guidelines to Woodies CCI and you will make tremendous progress in your trading.

 Do not make trading Woodies CCI system hard just because you are used to making trading hard. There is no reason it should be.  If you choose to make it complex then you will be defeating the goal of trading and not taking advantage of the simplicity of Woodies CCI system. Trading absolutely must be simple.