Woodies CCI Club 

Woodie (Ken Wood) created the Woodies CCI trading system and the Woodies CCI Club trading room. You can find his website at www.WoodiesCCIclub.com with lots of documents, audio and video lectures, CCI trading information and other useful links to front-end tools and charting setups.

You can reach Woodie directly at his email address Woodie@WoodiesCCIClub.com or just come on into the room as he is in there everyday. If you email him you had better be sure to put the word ĎCCIí in the subject line or heís going to delete it and for good reason!

We respect, admire and value Woodie a great deal. There is no other person like him in the trading community running a trading room like this whatsoever. He has worked so very hard to help as many traders as he can over the many years that he has been trading. He gives to us his system, its secrets, his time and trading knowledge, lots and lots of help and support as well as his friendship every single day in the room and all of it is free. Yes, I said free!

Woodie has been trading for over 26+ years and created the trading system you will be reading about in this document. He is well sought after. He has been interviewed on numerous popular radio stations for the trading community, published in Active Trader Magazine, given online presentations at the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), presented for MAN Financial in Chicago and will also be presenting at the Traders Expo in Chicago.

Woodie also puts on Trade-A-Longs across the USA, and soon in other countries too, to help teach his trading system. He has an Annual CCI Conference where all of the CCI traders can meet one another, share ideas and learn even more. All of these are events done at his cost only. He makes no profit on them. Any money remaining after the event has been paid for all goes to the Childrenís Make-A-Wish foundation. What a wonderful idea! He is an excellent trader and truly a unique and caring leader in the Trading Community.

Woodies CCI Club room is a world class trading room. We have traders in the room from all over the world and of all skill levels from new to advanced and professional as well as many pit traders too. We are a very large and diverse family of traders from all different walks of life.

In Woodies CCI Trading room we mostly trade index, bond and currency futures contracts. However, Woodies CCI works well on everything in the market that moves. We also talk about stocks, metals, and options. You may even catch us talking about oil, beans, corn, rice and pork bellies. No itís not a cooking room! CCI works on them all. If it moves then CCI will nail it for us!

The 1st Works Hotcomm software provides us with a room that is first class, high quality and equipped with high-tech multimedia features. We have real-time live charts, snapshot charts, voice, text, music, file trading and more being pushed to all members of the room on demand. During after-market hours and all weekend long we run trading simulations so that we can continue to learn, practice and discuss Woodies CCI system. There is never a dull moment in the room. Something is always going on. 1st Works Hotcomm charges a small fee for their advanced cutting-edge software but Woodies CCI Club room is free.

In Woodies CCI Club room we are very serious about trading, helping one another learn, sharing CCI related trading ideas and focusing on the path to becoming highly successful traders. We have many hundreds of traders, currently 550+, every single day in the room all focusing on Woodies CCI system in some way or another. Imagine that concentration! The room has high spirits, positive attitudes, very friendly and we enjoy ourselves everyday. The room has traders in it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We trade all three major markets: USA, Asian and European.

Woodies CCI system is like no other system in the world. You will see for yourself and you will love Woodie too. Heís a wonderful, generous, warm, kind and caring person. His characteristics are very infectious to all that trade with him. All members are generous with their time and provide their help free with patience.

In fact, this document took many long hours over several months to put together. I did this in hopes of giving back just a little bit of what Woodie and his room has given to me. Thank you Woodie!

Some of Woodies CCI Club mottos are:






You will not find a single room that is highly successful on so many levels as is Woodies CCI Club. Not to mention itís all free!


Thank you Woodie for all you have done for so many people in so many ways including trading!