The System   

You do not need to think, add things, or make things up while trading Woodies CCI. Woodies CCI system is a complete set of guidelines for you to follow. There is nothing to add to it. Itís complete, precise and well proven in real-time over many years.

Most traders question every single reason why things work in a trading system. I think that is good. You should understand why and how everything you do works. However, donít let this get in your way of learning and adopting a trading system that has proven to work with an expectation of positive results. Woodies CCI system is just that type of trading system. Consider paper trading it until you see this for yourself. Learn and understand the system as you progress. Donít question it all at once. Follow the guidelines without question while doing so. You will learn the how and why it works as you progress.

Woodies CCI system is like no other system in the world. Itís simple. It is complete. It is precise. It is clear. Itís unambiguous. And because of that people get confused even easier it seems. So leave your brain on the pillow before you get out of bed to trade. You will do far better without it.

There are no conflicting signals in Woodies CCI. Do not get confused. There is nothing for you to guess about. The patterns, entry signals and exit signals are all clearly and precisely defined. Just drop all of your confusion and follow the guidelines.

The CCI indicator has some nuances that cannot all be explained in this document. This can only be learned from screen time and practice. But all the guidelines needed are outlined here and will go a very long way to help you trade well.

Woodie has tested his system live for many years and it is simple, complete and very profitable.

Woodies CCI defines the trade setups. It tells you when to enter the trade. It tells you when to exit the trade. That is all you need.

Woodies CCI is a remarkable system because you do not have to think or guess or figure things out. Just do what the guidelines tell you to do. No other system defines the setups, the entries and the exits as clear as Woodies CCI system does for you. Take advantage of that. Let it do the work for you.

In fact, lots of other trading systems might be profitable for you if you just had a clear and precise set of signals in which to go by that never contradicted themselves. These other trading systems mostly use lagging indicators and canít provide clear entry and exit signals. Without a clear and concise set of trading rules you cannot and will never trade successfully. Woodies CCI provides clear and concise patterns, signals and guidelines. Follow them and you will do well.

The other problem with other systems is that they end up adding too many indicators. You canít trade with so many indicators because you become paralyzed while analyzing them all and cannot recast to a signal. Why add so many things to your charts? Maybe itís because you were never told not to. Well now you have been told so donít do it.

When you have a system that has too many indicators it is lacking clarity and you can no longer react to the entry and exit signals. Or worse yet you enter the trade but never exit because you can always come up with yet another signal or excuse to stay in. Woodies CCI defines clear exits. There can be no excuse whatsoever as to why you stayed in after the exit signal was given. Thatís one of the wonderful parts of the system.

Or maybe other systems were not profitable because you do not understand that having and following a precise trading plan is the only way you can trade successfully. So if you do not have a specific trading plan or are not successful and you are here to learn Woodies CCI then just follow him and stop the bad trading habits.

The CCI indicator formula is based on the momentum of prices over a given period of time. It is a leading indicator. It is not a lagging indicator. It outperforms most if not all other indicators. When combined with Woodies CCI system it can outperform all other trading systems.

Woodies CCI allows you to beat other traders into a trade by one or more bars and it tells you when to exit so you can not end up with large losses. Woodies CCI also keeps you out of bad trades as well as keeps you from over trading.

Forget all this talk about fear and greed or any other mindset type topics. You have heard these over and over. If it hasnít already helped you by now then it isnít going to help you to keep talking about it. Donít waste your time with it. Focus on the guidelines.

Think about it. Every time you talk about these things you never do come up with any guidelines on how to stop it at the end of your talk and end up not improving your trades anyways. Itís like you continually want to talk about some phrases you learned in books, papers, and websites or even from people that may have never even traded. Focus on Woodies CCI and trading the guidelines only. Woodies CCI deals directly with greed and fear so you donít have to.

Woodies CCI system takes away all of those difficult mental trading issues you might have in regards to trading buy giving you a complete, precise and clear set of guidelines. You have ďlearnedĒ so much about how to think from other trading system or books and it probably hasnít helped you much. In fact, it has probably even hurt you. Forget about that kind of talk for now. Consider it useless. Just focus on trading exactly according to the guidelines. Do not think.

For example, do not focus on trying to get your brain to understand that ďLosses are a part of tradingĒ or ďKeep losses small and let profits runĒ or ďDo not over tradeĒ, etc. You have already been told about these things hundreds of times and it is probably still not working for you. Why keep trying? Just follow Woodies CCI and this is all taken care of for you. His system defines all the rules needed for an entire trading system so that you do not have to think.  All you do is just react to the signals and you will be fine.

Woodies CCI will tell you when to get in, helps you keep larger profits, and tells you when to get out with small losses. It also doesnít allow you to over trade. Just follow the guidelines and do not make this hard. No other trading system goes so far into managing every aspect of trading for you.

One of the incredible secrets to Woodies CCI is that it defines things into terms never used before and removes the things that just serve to confuse you. This way you cannot carry your previous hang-ups over into this trading system. For example, you have probably been taught how to trade bear flags, gaps and wedges over 50 different ways. So which one do you end up doing?  A new method each time maybe? Thatís the problem. And now you have learned so much about everything that you canít follow simple rules. Forget all that. Woodies CCI defines things in new terms so that you will not get confused.

While trading with Woodies CCI all you do is look for Woodies CCI Patterns. His system does not care what the price bars look like. It does not care what other indicators or other markets are doing. None of that matters. It just focuses on what your one single market is doing at the moment and gives you a trade when appropriate. This system is simple and works very well because of that.

Woodies CCI lets you break away from all of the confusion that the other web sites, chat rooms, newsletters, trading books and articles give you. Forget all that stuff. Consider it useless for now. Think of this as a brand new way of trading.

Woodies CCI patterns that define a trade work very well. He has been using them for many years and adding new ones as he finds them. He has confirmed that they work in real-time and uses them in his everyday trading. He did the hard part that took him many years of hard research. All you have to do is spot the pattern and take the trade.

I know you probably want to make this hard. You want to add indicators, watch prices, not use hard stops, not get out of losing trades when you see the exit signal and also want to over trade your account to death because it feels like you are doing something. You want to watch lots of chat rooms all day long and listen to everything they say. You want to watch news, TV and talk on the phone. You want to make the most fancy charts and have super cool features and alerts too. Do not make this hard. This is a simple system that works very well. Follow the guidelines without thinking, adding or complicating things and this will not happen.

If you do not yet have the belief that trading should be and is this simple or you do not have enough courage to follow the guidelines precisely and exactly as outlined here then you might as well forget reading the rest of this document. Throw it away, and move on. I will guarantee it will not help you if that is the case.