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 The Make-A-Wish Foundation®

Hi NQoos,

Thanks for posting The Make-A-Wish Foundation site. Yes, we have had some big days in the room trading. So I ask for all to make a small donation ..ex. 1/4 es point = $12.50 times 350 in room brings a a lot of smiles to a lot of kids faces....to date, since end of March and this is only what I know of, is that over $10,000 and by this week that may be up to 3 or 4 k more. Again, thanks for posting and join us in room when you have chance.

Great trading to you too. Keep up the great site and work.



Woodie's Mottos:

- Traders helping traders

- Positive attitude and positive posts

- There will be better trades down the road!


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I first met Woodie online in April 2002. There were 10 to 20 people trading with him then. Wow, have things changed. Presently, it takes 2/3 Paltalk rooms to accommodate all the traders desiring to listen to and learn from Woodie everyday. (Update now using Hotcomm, +1000 traders learning CCI together)

Woodie is a great example of a successful trader sharing his time and knowledge with others. 

Woodie has been at the trading game longer than most, that equates to lots of screen time=experience. He has found that CCI is all he needs to trade successfully. But there is really much more. Woodie has mastered patience, allowing the trade come to him. His years of screen time have taught him the nuances of the CCI. Woodie uses sound money management techniques, master of money management and lives by " there are better trades down the road and I guarantee it", knowing that if you follow a plan you end up in the profit column and Woodie does almost everyday = master of consistency.

Woodies room has attracted both newbies and experienced traders. Many I know tune in and lurk in background just to hear when Woodie puts a trade on depending on him to find those other hard to find divergences. 

Woodies chat room style is positive, calm, predictable and educational. If you spend enough time there you will see what Woodie sees. You will anticipate him announcing he entries.

Woodies chat room is the place to learn CCI. e-minitraders  Talkstox and Woodies CCI Club carry many threads filled with postings on how to trade with the CCI indicator ala Woodie. A prime example of traders helping traders.

Additionally, Woodie has created a family atmosphere, pre and post market, for sharing , learning and relaxing and learning about one another. Woodie has traveled to California and most recently the CME and CBOT, meeting with chat room participants.

Thank you Woodie for introducing CCI to me. 

Be Well Be Prosperous

NQoos 8-)


In the future, TradingNaked.com will document various CCI setups.


Woodie's got it !!!! now using Hotcomm room in addition to Paltalk. Hotcomm is cool. It allows you to watch Woodies screen or whoever has control realtime as price updates. You can see indicators change and watch Woodie draw trendlines on his chart. A great feature for instruction. Bravo !!!! 

Below find what I watched on my screen. In this case it is a training session where they were doing playback of Friday action on Hotcomm using Ensign Software. There are 2 timeframe charts here, I dragged the chat window on top of one chart to show you both. The chat feature allows all to post messages as well as a simbroker type of devise to paper trade the market. It is your chose for your charts to be printed in the chat window or keep them private.