Calendar Year Low



The Calendar Year Low is the lowest price attained by the security within the last calendar year. This value is updated monthly. Similar to the 52 week low, except the dates are bound by the calendar year, not the last 52 weeks.

Filtering with the Calendar Year Low:

When filtering with the calendar year low, take in consideration the value of the stock you are looking for. For example, if you are trading stocks withing a value of $20-40, then filter all calendar year low's greater than $15. It is also important with the calendar year low to add more criteria for limiting results.

Sample Filter for calendar year low less than or equal to 10$:

Filtering with the Calendar Year Low Date:

You can also filter for stocks that have reached a calenday year low in the last (X) days (where X is any date upto 1 year in the past). When searching for calendar year lows, only the lowest point in the last calendar year is recorded.

Sample Filter:
Please note
: the date format (YYYY-MMM-DD) and the operator (greater than or Equal To)