Balance Sheet Date



A firm's balance sheet is a snapshot of its financial picture. One side of the balance sheet totes up assets, moving from most liquid (cash) to least liquid (buildings and equipment, etc..). The other side of the balance sheet lists liabilities in order of immediacy.

Remember that assets are equal to liabilities plus shareholders equity. The balance sheet and the income statement, is an extremely important tool for understanding the financial health of a company. Using the firm's balance sheet, an investor can compare current assets and current liabilities to assess liquidity; by comparing debt to shareholder's equity and then seeing how leveraged the company is; This gives a better idea of whether the assets might include some hidden value.

Filtering with the Balance Sheet Date:

When filtering with the balance sheet date, the results returned are the date that the company submits it's balance sheet. This tells the investor how old/new the balance sheet is. It is important to research a companies balance sheet in order to determine the viability of the company.

Sample Filter for balance sheet date since 2003-OCT-25:
(note the format of the date field of YYYY-MMM-DD)