30 Day Average Daily Volume



The 30 day average daily volume gives the investor an idea about the amount of stock per day that is traded. It is advisable to trade stocks with a reasonable amount of volume since this also affects the ability to buy or sell the stock in question. Larger companies typically have a larger daily trading volume than do smaller companies.

Filtering with the 30 day average volume:

If you are looking for small companies, try limiting the screener to look for smaller stock volumes. Please be aware however, that the less volume, the harder to exit/enter the stock. It is advisable that with any filter, a minimum volume should be attached to the criteria. This will reduce the amount of companies that appear in the results and also remove any companies that do not have sufficient volume.

It is also important to note that this is the AVERAGE daily volume, and does not account for a volume spike.


Try all stocks over 100 000 ave daily volume (larger/more traded companies)

Try all stocks under 100 000 ave daily volume (smaller/less traded companies)

Sample Filter using 30 day average volume greater than or equal to 100 000:

(please note the value in the field: since it is in thousands, 100 = 100 000)

Formula: ( Sum [ last 30 daily volumes] ) / 30