An indicator :

Average Indicator CCI (Commodity Channel Index Average, the index of commercial channel) is mostly used to determine the start or end of cycles in the market, as well as opportunities for buying and selling. CCI is calculated so that 70-80% of its value in the interval from 100 to -100. Many analysts believe that there is a signal for a long position when the CCI value exceeds 100, as well as a signal for short positions when the index falls below -100. But the choice of the values determined by each party to market themselves. For example, you can decide that the value of -125 mean signal to the short side, and a 150-signal to the long positions.

Many analysts use the indicator to determine the condition and pereprodannosti overbought market. Break above values CCILong said overbought market, and lower than CCIShort said pereprodannosti market. CCI indicator is often overlooked beginning of a new movement in the market because of the time he is in a neutral position (between the lines and CCILong CCIShort). Many analysts believe that the cross down or bottom-up lines CCIAverage zero determines market conditions prior to the intersection of lines and CCILong CCIShort.