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  9/30  Setup           Aggressive Sell            Conservative Sell            Aggressive Buy            Conservative Buy  

Location: With the Trend

This section addresses 9/30 entry setups.  These setups complement the MACD and REI setups.  It should prove valuable to those who find the MACD or REI difficult to use or is not available in their software.  Also those who focus their decisions almost exclusively on price bars should find it helpful.

There is a conservative and an aggressive setup for both the buy and the sell entries.  The guidelines are straightforward.



Generally, the safest or most reliable entries occur the first time there is a crossover of the moving averages.  It also puts one in an early position to catch a trend if the swing reversal is missed.

    9/30 Aggressive Sell          9/30 Conservative Sell  
Shown here are two setups.  Numbers and arrows show when the setup actually occurs and the sell stops placed in the market at the conclusion of that bar.  Point one is the first entry after the moving averages crossover.   Five entries are shown on the chart above.  The number shows when the setup occurs and the arrow the bar the trade is entered.  Number one is the first after the moving average crossover.  There are four additional conservative setups as the prices work their way down.
    9/30 Aggressive Buy       9/30 Conservative Buy  
In this chart, above, we show one entry.  The number one is the first opportunity after the crossover.  Buys stops are placed.  However, it is not until the arrows price bar that the long entry is actually triggered and we are in the market.   In this example above of the conservative buy, the buy stops are place at or just above the 9EMA upon completion of price bar at 1.  Entry occurs on the next bar at the arrow