These contributions are from Mike Bruns, world class trader. Mike's clear thinking and charts have allowed for many traders to finally "get it". His generous sharing and teachings have helped me raise my level of trading. Reinforcing the concepts of  trading with the trend, his knowledge of the bond market and other markets. Mike also gives after market hours seminars for members, they are exceptional. My personal thanks Mike...NQoos

If you desire to be a profitable trader and understand the value of  learning from other successful traders  then efuturevision is a perfect vehicle to accomplish this. This is only a sampling of the expertise in trading education available in the efuturevision chat room, website and after hour seminars for members. The education section and Trading notes section   on efuturevision is open to the public. These contain setups and information from Victoria, Mike, Jimmer, Brian, Ross and others. All profitable traders. Members can access much more valuable trading information than what is in the general public areas. If this is still you, choose today to change.

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  MACD Conservative Setups  

          Location: With the Trend     


  • In this sell example of the electronic Nasdaq mini contract, we see that the MA is down and the SL < BL and FL > BL.  
  • First completed price bar in this zone is bar #1.  
  • A sell stop is placed just below the low of this bar. 
  • When bar # 2 is completed, the sell stop is moved to just below it’s low. 
  •   On the third bar (arrow), the prices fall below the sell stop order and we are short.  
  • The initial stop loss point is the high of bar # 2.
  • In this example in Bonds, the SL > BL and the FL < BL.
  • The Moving Average is up.  We are in the “zone.” 
  • The first completed price bar in the zone is # 1 and a buy stop is placed just above the high of the bar.  
  • When bar # 2 is completed, the buy stop is moved to just above the high of # 2.  
  • In the third bar, the price is above the new buy stop and we are in the trade and long.  
  • Since the # 2 bar is so long, we would place the original stop loss about half way up the # 2 bar in this case.