This is from Jimmer on band entries.

1. If price touches a rising lower bb (long) or a falling upper bb (short) in the traded time frame, that is a safe entry point.

2. If price touches a lateral (flat) bb and is also touching (or nearly touching) a lateral bb in a higher time frame, that is safe entry for trade in opposite direction.

3. If price touches lateral lower bb (for long) and lower bb on higher time frame is distinctly rising, that is a safe long entry (reverse for short).

4. If price touches lower bb and MACD and/or stochastic on higher time frame is showing long, that is safe long entry.

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  Band Cycle Setups
Buy 1 triple mid-band signal area
Buy 2 mid-edge (bottom) band buy area
Sell 3 triple edge (upper) band sell area with long term edge band (upper) failure
Buy 4 double mid-band buy area
Sell 5 triple mid-band sell area
Sell 6 double mid-band sell area
Sell 7 mid-edge (lower) band sell area
Buy 8 double-edge (lower) band with major edge band (low) mid-band intermediate buy area
Buy 9 triple edge (lower) band buy
Buy 10 triple mid-band buy signal area
Buy 11 is shaping up for a edge band (upper) double mid-band sell area
Buy 12 could be any combination with major mid-band support area for a buy signal