Climactic Buy Setup on Major Support (#1)

Trading Strategy: Climactic Buy Setup (CBS) on Major Support (MS). JILL made a new high for the year last week before its dramatic sell off. It is down five trading days in a row and is far from its 20MA. Previous day it gapped down, closing at the low of a bearish wide range bar. The climactic volume, however, suggest that the last of the bears are getting shaken out. It is testing MS where it broke out in May.

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Tip: A CBS on climactic volume in an area of MS often provide a tradable bounce.

The Play: Buy over the high made in the first 30-min of trading, with a stop under the 30-min low.

Objective: $1.00 to $2.25 move. HIGH RISK

Play Review:

JILL did not meet the entry criteria.